Fire Protection Systems

fireprotectionhighFire protection, especially in NYC, should be the highest concern for the owner of any commercial or residential building. It's well known that we have the finest fire department in the country, but still we are suffering every year from thousands of catastrophic fires and millions of dollars in damages and losses. A fire protection system combined with a fire supression system is a top priority for any commercial or residential building. Violations for incorrect piping systems, improper installation and even incorrect material or bad maintenance are very common. M&M Plumbing & Heating, Inc. has the experience and knowledge to build a fully efficient system for you.

  • Sprinkler or fire standpipe system design and installation
  • Color code compliance
  • Violation corrections
  • Emergency repairs
  • Monthly inspections
  • Fire pump testings
  • Rule 20/5 year testing
  • Dry systems
  • Addition to previously installed systems
  • Alterations to previously installed systems
  • Annual inspections and support
  • Flow and pressure testings
  • Wet systems
  • Combined systems
Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our fire protection services.